You Are Your Own (Best) PR

Many of us took it for granted, but the way we present ourselves to the world is also a version of Public Relations. If not for a brand or product that we represent, then at least for ourselves.


Personal Branding, as the name says, should start with the person. Speaking to a sold-out crowd, Ms Irawati Koswara-Simms guided us, step by step, to first take a look within ourselves, our inner self:

  • Our Personality – which defines our distinctive character
  • Our Values – which governs the way we behave, interact and communicate with each other
  • Our Talents – which consists of our strengths and competencies
  • Our Passions – to quote Steve Jobs, “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”
  • Our Aspirations – which are the dreams and hopes that create the pathways to our future
  • Our Secrets, Fears and Lies – which we tend to keep under wraps but are still affecting us, whether we realise it or not

After looking inside and knowing ourselves better, then we can start crafting our external self, the version of us that we present to the world:

  • Our Features – which are distinctive characteristics that describes appearance and capabilities
  • Our Appearance – which may often be deceiving and does not always reflect reality, but they really matter!

After knowing ourselves, inside and out, the next big homework is what Ms Ira calls stakeholder analysis – how well do we know our industry and competitors, and what is the public opinion about us. We should know 1) what are we passionate about, 2) what are we good at, and 3) where is the market demand – and it goes without saying, that the sweet spot is where all three above intersect!

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Wrapping up the night, Ms Ira gave us three main steps in building reputation:

Step 1. Decide what we want to be known for – and we need to make sure it’s genuine and positive

Step 2. Decide what we need to do to improve our reputation

Step 3. Whatever we decided in Step 2, we need to DO IT – and do it with confidence, relentlessness, and consistency.



And with that, Ms Ira says that not only you are your own PR, but you are your BEST PR.




Netwarming: Personal Development Series

You Are Your Own (Best) PR

with Irawati Koswara-Simms

Thursday, 28 July 2016

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