[Upcoming Event] Creating A Vision Board to Find Your Perfect Match – Sat 27 Aug 4pm

Finding the right life partner – sounds cliché, but hey it’s important. Research shows that happily-married couples are the happiest people on earth.

But why do so many of us how end up dissatisfied, and stuck in unhappy relationships? Divorce rates are rising and singlehood is becoming a norm. “I’m fine!” Are you really?

Finding and choosing a life partner is in your control (it is YOUR life, after all), so first of all you have to be really clear with yourself. How big of a deal is this decision for you? What should you consider when making this decision? When will you know that you are ready, really ready to make that decision?

Personal Development Workshop (For Women only)

Creating a Vision Board to Find Your Perfect Match
with Cheryl Marella
Saturday, 27 August 2016
3PM -7PM

IDR 350,000 (incl Diner & Material, please bring your own laptop)

Info & Registration:
coworkinc.maubelajarapa.com (@maubelajarapa)
Rinda – 0812-9134-0273
Danti – 0818-112-688


2016-08-27 Vision Board

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