Social Entrepreneurship Month – May 2016

Social entrepreneurship is always at the centre of our heart. We believe that businesses should not only focus on profit, but should also be consciously weighed against how to impact towards a greater and better society.

On the other hand, we also belief that social work should not be an act of pity. Instead, it is a conscious effort to humanizing society and how humans co-exist in the world. Social Entrepreneurship is the business model to solve world problems with dignity.

SocEnt logo stamp-BLUEIn May 2016, we collaborated with our dear friends from Burgreens and Beehive, and created a movement we call Social Entrepreneurship Month. Engaging with aspiring social entrepreneurs and bringing in the real players from Indonesia’s social enterprise ecosystem, we tried to crack the code of ethically balancing business performance and social impacts, through inspiring discussions, inspiring workshops and honest sharing sessions.

Through this post, we would like to express our immense gratitude to our co-organizers, Helga Angelina from Burgreens and Stephanie Arrowsmith from Beehive, for without them this initiative could not have been possible.

We would also thank all the speakers who have contributed their time and their hearts to this project, sharing their experience and wisdom and hopefully inspiring many more on the road of creating sustainable impact and making a change.


2016-05-10 SocEnt-Week1  2016-05-17 SocEnt-Week2  2016-05-23 SocEnt-Week3


Event Line Up:


2016-05-10 NET-SocEnt-Sababay  2016-05-12 NET-SocEnt-Burgreens  2016-05-15 Movie Screening Burgreens

2016-05-17 NET-SocEnt-Agritektur  2016-05-17 NET-SocEnt-PreEvent  2016-05-17 NET-SocEnt-Taneuh

2016-05-19 NET-SocEnt-PaisleyDuanyam  2016-05-22 SocEnt Gath  2016-05-24 NET-SocEnt-KAKOA

2016-05-26 NET-SocEnt-ChangeOrg  2016-06-02 NET-SocEnt-Richie



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