Presenting Your Brand Through Instagram

Photography and styling play an important role in building the perfect image for your brand. Every colour, composition, texture, and lighting tell a story.

This event discussed about what and how to communicate when using social media platform, in this case, Instagram, for brand/product presentation purposes.

2016-06-14 02
photo by Sena Satya @senacko

Also discussed was the nature of communication in general, for the audience to better understand the essential elements, including practical tips for lighting, use of colour, composition, time, and visual concepts.

The topics were so well received, that although it was not disclosed to the audience, we were already planning a sequel! (Shhhh…)


Netwarming: Entrepreneurs Series

Presenting Your Brand Through Instagram

-Photography and Product Styling Hacks-

with Andandika Surasetja & Jagat Natha Prawira

Tuesday, June 14 2016

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