Lingkaran is one of the communities that we’ve been in touch with from day one.


Their curiosity and passion for not only learning, but sharing their knowledge, is infectious, and we are inspired by them as much as they are (hopefully) inspired by us.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.06.51 PM
A snapshot of the variety of themes of Lingkaran’s Mini-Classes.


Anyone seeking alternative ways to learn, curious about the creative industry in general or looking for contents or classes to liven up their venue will find the Lingkaran team resourceful and their events and activities always insightful.

Coworkinc recently hosted a 10-session series of Lingkaran’s Collaboration Class with Cliff World, where each week they brought in influential experts from various fields of the creative industry for in-depth discussions and workshops.


From their ‘About Us‘ page:

Lingkaran is an educational community for creatives to develop skill and interest through knowledge sharing.

We design non-formal learning experience focusing in personal development, creative skills, and entrepreneurship to help you respond the challenges of modern society. We are filling the professional gap and providing sustainable network through fun-atmosphere programs while providing you access to limitless opportunities.

Lingkaran also works with companies as partners in program development to deliver the right experiences and values that your community needs.

Find out more about Lingkaran and their activities on their website:

Keep up with what’s going on through their instagram:

What they say about us:

2016-05-01 by wendy wndprtm
photo by Wendy Pratama (@wndprtm) – taken on Coworkinc’s 1st Anniversary celebration May 1st, 2016


There’s nothing here that’s fabricated. There’s nothing here that wasn’t built without tears, laughter, and of course love.

At the end of the day, it’s more than just a business. It’s not just numbers you count. It’s not just profit you gain. It’s not about members/non-members anymore. It’s beyond that.

It’s home.
It’s family.

~Wendy Pratama, Founder and CEO

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