Event Review: Let’s Create a Scent With Paulina Tandjung




February is the month of love, so what’s better than to create a scent that you love, to match your personalities?


Coworkinc’s discussion lounge smelled extraordinarily amazing on February 11th 2017, where Ms. Paulina Tandjung of SCENTLINE held a perfume making workshop, providing participants with basic knowledge and experience of perfume creation.


In this workshop, SCENTLINE – a marketing company specializing in perfumery experiences, introduced ways to identify and classify scents around us, and explore the world of perfumery by getting to know how to smell a perfume and the types of perfume. Beyond learning how to identify scents, we also learned some few tips on how to preserve the life of scents, because as it turns out, different levels of humidity does affect how long a scent stays – among other factors such as the pH of our skins that vary between different individuals. Wow! Everyday you learn something new, right?


Participants learning how to identify and familiarize themselves with different scents


The highlight of this perfume making workshop however, is the part where participants get to create their own scent and take it home in a 20ml bottle of perfume! They were provided with a “Create A Scent” training kit that consist of 3 top notes, 4 middle notes, and 3 bottom notes, and were asked to write down the number of drops added to their creation – so in case they want to recreate this personalized scent they made, they can remember what and how much to add.


It was really exciting to see the energy that were brought by the participants as well as SCENTLINE team into this sold-out workshop, and we cannot wait to see more smiles and learn new things at our space!

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