Event Review: DM ID Effective Branding: Streamline Your Branding Budget with Eunike Mutiara



Branding is an integral part of all businesses. Not only does it create image and prestige, it can also be used as a tool to build customer loyalty as well as driving your business and sales. Branding does not have to be expensive but it doesn’t come cheap either. The big question though, how do you effectively build your brand while staying on a budget?


2017-02-02-PHOTO-00000170    2017-02-03-PHOTO-00000184


On February 2nd 2017, Coworkinc in collaboration with DM ID held a workshop titled “Streamline Your Branding Budget”. Delivered by Eunike Mutiara, Senior Branding Consultant of DM ID, participants learned the importance of branding value and brand personality, among others, as the key to stick to your budget while building your business.



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